Shobos mother present age is six times shobos present age. Shobos age five from now will be one third of his mother's present age. What are their present ages ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:From the problem statement, we can setup the following equations:[tex]M = 6S[/tex][tex]S + 5 = \frac{1}{3}M[/tex]where [tex]S[/tex] is the current age of Shobos and [tex]M[/tex] is the current age of his mother.Substituting the first equation into the second will allow us to solve for [tex]S[/tex]:[tex]S + 5 = \frac{1}{3}M[/tex][tex]S + 5 = \frac{1}{3}(6S)[/tex][tex]S + 5 = 2S[/tex][tex]S = 5[/tex]Substituting this value into the first equation gives us the age of the mother:[tex]M = 6S[/tex][tex]M = 6(5)[/tex][tex]M = 30[/tex]